• FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS Receives German Design Award for CEELINGS Collection

    FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS receives German Design Award 2022 in the category ‘Excellent Product Design – Lighting’ for the CEELINGS line of canopy covers. Recognized as one of the highest honors in the international design, the German Design Award is voted upon by the German Design Council.
  • Very Special Products: Movie Edition Porcelain with Colorful Details Coming to the US!

    FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS creates rare beauties with colorful eyes and elaborate styling, fully dishwasher safe in limited quantities. Read the story o...
  • How FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS Created a Porcelain Serving Bowl with a Hole

    The BARFING bowl by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS is an instant classic. Quality porcelain and quirky design meets a unique feature: The 'bowl with a hole' is the guaranteed talk of every get-together. Read the story of how this fun serving bowl was designed and made reality.
  • FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS Makes Donations to Covid-19 Relief from Proceeds of HOPEFUL Porcelain Bowl

    The ‘Hopeful’ porcelain bowl by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS is a symbol for shared values, taking responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and the unwavering belief that everything is going to be okay. The company donates 1 euro for each bowl sold to Covid-19 relief efforts. Read the story of how the donations have arrived across the world.
  • The Story of the 'HOPEFUL' Bowl from FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

    Amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS released an entirely new product encouraging people to wear a mask and stop the spread: The HOPEFUL bowl renders the company's classic TASSEN porcelain bowls with a PPE face mask as a symbol of hope and keeping one another safe. What's more, the company donates 1 EUR for every bowl sold to Covid-19 relief efforts and has so far benefited initiatives in New York, France, Spain, and Germany.


  • Upgrade for Light Fixtures: The CEELINGS Collection from FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

    FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS released an entirely new product line in autumn 2020. Get the inside story behind CEELINGS, the instant style upgrade for ceiling lamps. Learn how these stylish products saw the light of day and became premium designer goods, Made in Germany according to social and environmental guidelines.
  • Classic Inspirations: The Story of TALENT Coffee Cups by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

    The TALENT portrait cups are an exclusive series featuring the likeness of select personalities as hyper-contoured renderings of their facial expressions, crafted from high-grade porcelain in an elaborate production process. Here's the story!
  • The Making of the Porcelain Coffee Mug Series by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

    Get the inside scoop on the making of TASSEN porcelain mugs by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS. Interview with designer and CEO Max Zimmermann on how our mugs went from 3D-animated characters to real-life products Made in Germany.
  • Made in Germany: The Story of TASSEN Porcelain by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

    The background story of TASSEN porcelain by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS. See how the high-end porcelain manufacturing process spearheaded by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS raises the bar in porcelain design. From 3D-animated characters to real-life products Made in Germany.